"There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion." Edgar Allen Poe

Welcome to Pike House Coffee Roasters in the mountain shadows of East Tennessee. At Pike House, we often felt odd and out of place. Have you ever walked into a coffee shop, school, store, or any other public place and felt like you didn't fit in? We often fell this way in the world of coffee. There is an exclusive that we are not a part of. When we started on our roasting journey, we knew that we were not experts and were not included in the "coffee snob" arena.

Here at Pike House Coffee Roasters, we are a little more laid-back, unintimidating, and have a "freestyle" approach to coffee roasting. We welcome everyone here, regardless their knowledge of coffee.

Even our building, the historic Burlington Mill, is mysterious and out of the ordinary! Find us on the West Walnut side of the park and experience our love for dark academia. With an eclectic mix of seating, you can easily find a table for your laptop, a stool at the sunny front window where we roast, or a spot in our cozy Poe's Corner. You may also choose to walk down our long hallway to sit on the sofa in front of the fireplace. There are many corridors, cavernous undeveloped spaces, and areas that have been described as unsettling, eerie, and even surreal.

Our customers are as varied as our drink menu! From students and faculty to locals and out-of -towners, professionals and workers wearing every color of collar!

Step into the unusual...come see how Pike House Coffee Roasters is different, and know that you are accepted, welcomed, and appreciated!