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Pike House Coffee

Raven Dark Roast

Raven Dark Roast

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Experience the hauntingly bold and intriguing taste of our ethically sourced Raven Roast coffee. Like the raven tapping at your chamber door in Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem, this Brazilian Dark Roast is the perfect brew for those who crave intensity and sweetness. Expertly crafted from the finest beans, our Raven Roast delivers a rich, full-bodied flavor with notes of chocolate and caramel that will awaken your senses. With every sip, you can feel good knowing that our beans are ethically sourced, ensuring that every cup is not only delicious but also responsibly produced. Our freshly roasted beans ensure that every cup of our Raven Roast is a true indulgence. Whether you're starting your day or taking a break, our Raven Roast coffee is the perfect companion for intriguing and spooky moments. Order now and experience the hauntingly bold and delicious world of Raven Roast coffee, inspired by one of Poe's most iconic poems. 

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